Q. 1. Is there place to keep the materials needed for packing?

Yes. There will be a separate area for the storage of your packing materials. You need to put away your own packing materials, either cartoons or crates, and ensure your own tools and equipment are clearly labelled. Young Art Kaohsiung shall not be liable for the goods being lost.

  Q. 2. Is there a limit to the number of art pieces on display?

We frequently accept 5-7 pieces from a single artist, but you have the discretion to decide if there is space on the walls. Please submit at least 5 works, not including videos.

  Q. 3. Can artists sell their works at the exhibition?

You are more than welcome to clarify your own ideas about your work in person at the exhibition, but Young Art Kaohsiung will be handling centrally all the sales of art.

  Q. 4. Can foreign artists participate in the exhibition?

Yes, but the exhibition must be attended, including booth build-up/breakdown and exhibits move-in & move-out hours.

  Q. 5. Is the total coverage amount based on the pricing of the artworks?

Yes, but you are responsible for arranging your own insurance for the artworks.

  Q. 7. Will Young Art Kaohsiung provide 2 night’s accommodation if I bring an assist..

If you stay in the same room, then yes. If otherwise please handle it yourself.

  Q. 8. Can the 2 night’s accommodation be one night for the day of set-up and the ot..

Yes. If build-up takes just one night, the other night can be used for the day of breakdown. But it must be finished before the 22nd of September.

  Q. 10. How should the Committee of Selection be formed?

Young Art Kaohsiung invites renowned experts from both academics and industries to work together in assessment and discussion.