Where Nature and Art Draw Breath

Exhibition Statement

 Zen master Qingyuan described the way to enlightenment with the three stage schema of mountains and rivers: 

Thirty years ago, before I practiced Zen, I saw that mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers. However, after having achieved intimate knowledge and having gotten a way in, I saw that mountains are not mountains and rivers are not rivers. But now that I have found rest, as before I see mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers. 

Looking at endless crests and crowns, mountains seem to us enveloped by a world of a green color. Yet, how often could we appreciate all varying shapes and shades hidden deep inside? This is what forever is, the origins of all things. And this is where diversity generates, an ecosystem that is fast changing. 

Through creating works of art, the self encounters everything. It’s the overlapping where the past and the present meet, transformed into a unique spiritual essence. Watching the rolling hills, I came to love mountains. Out of love, I came to understand : Ignorance makes me feel small while the tender wilderness in a resolute and firm manner makes me feel fulfilled.