Young Art Kaohsiung 2020

About Young Art Kaohsiung
Young Art Kaohsiung, first staged in 2015, is an event aspired to break the barriers between great expositions and small one-artist solo shows, presenting a grand art fair comprised of artists’ solo exhibitions, an artistic flash mob fair. Young Art Kaohsiung differs from the other types of exposition made of commercial galleries, but comprises a group of artists who do not have commercial gallery representation. It relaxes the application restrictions and lowers the approval threshold, providing a platform of more creative freedom for artists to make their works of art. 
Not only does Young Art Kaohsiung discover and champion young talents, but it also aims at providing a sales platform of more variety as well as a stage where emerging artists can present themselves in a more liberal and open way, furthering the development of arts market in South of Taiwan. 
General Information
Organizer: Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government
Venue: P2 Warehouse, Dayoung Area, Pier 2 Art Center
Date: 20-22 November, 2020
Eligibility and Application
To be eligible to participate in Young Art Kaohsiung, a person must, as of January 1 1980, be at least 20 years old and without commercial gallery representation. 
Exhibiting Sections
  1. Young Talent - Young persons aged between 20 and under 40 and selected by the committee of selection. 
  2. Main Feature- Young persons aged between 20 and under 40 and invited by the curatorial team of Young Art Kaohsiung.
Young Talent Awards
Grand Award (1 winner) : NT$ 30,000. & a Certificate
Young Artist Award (3 winners) : NT$ 12,000. & a Certificate
Please note that the organizer at its own discretion reserves the right to recommend that no prize be awarded or change the prizes to other prizes, determined through the process of finalist assessment, at any point of time without prior notice.
We provide for each artist
  1. 3-side open booth, displayed area: 3.5 m ( L) x 2.4 m (W) x 2.4 m (D)
  2. 2-night accommodation (designated by the Bureau)
Submission of Work
  1. There’s no restriction on genre. 
  2. Exhibitors are limited to 5-7 pieces of artwork each (no matter the size; no matter newly produced or not; better never before appeared in Young Art Kaohsiung). Artwork set is considered as one piece of artwork. Please specify if artwork set can sell separately.
  3. Each artwork must be available for sale, which is not represented by any commercial gallery, nor shortlisted in any other exhibition. In any case, the artworks selected and displayed may not be replaced nor repriced during the Exhibition. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify any applicant from participating in Young Art Kaohsiung for a three-year period if any breach of covenant or condition aforesaid occurs. 
Exhibition Application
  1. For information requests, please contact Pier 2 Art Center at
  2. How to apply:
    • Step 1. Please go to our web site at and click on Events & Exhibitions / Join. Visit our online application system and fill out the application form of Young Art Kaohsiung 2020.  
    • Step 2. After completing the Application From (link above), please submit all the supporting information (Annex 1-4) via email to

      Supporting Information is listed below:
    • Annex 1 – Application Form: 
      ​Please fill out the form and provide the following documentation:  
      • Pictures:JPEG and TIFF images with a resolution more than 300 dpi or 2M. Please provide the download links. 
      • Videos: AVI、MP4 Full HD file with the download links. 
    • Annex 2 – Dimension Drawing of Display Walls: Please refer to Annex 2 and create your own floor plan.
    • Annex 3 – Affidavit of No Representation 
    • Annex 4 – Consent Letter of Collection, Processing and Use of Personal data
  3. Applicants should accept responsibility for the completeness and the accuracy of its contents in both the English language and the Chinese language. Please sign and scan Annex 3 (Affidavit of No Representation) and Annex 4 (Consent Letter of Collection, Processing and Use of Personal data) at 300 dpi, with which you should submit all the supporting information via mail to by the deadline of application.
  4. Applications Deadline
    14 August 2020
  5. Contact
    Pier 2 Art Center
    Miss Huang 
    +886 (7) 521 4899 Ex502
Build-Up and Breakdown
  1. No work(s) may be replaced after the deadline for application. Only with the prior approval of Young Art Kaohsiung can the selected work(s) be replaced. 
  2. Submission, Refusal of or Withdrawal of work(s) by Young Art Kaohsiung
    • You (the Exhibitor) are responsible for the delivery of submission and withdrawal of work(s).
    • Build-up
      Wednesday 18th November 2020:  10.00 – 18.00
      Thursday   19th September 2020:  10.00 – 20.00
    • Breakdown 
      Sunday    22nd November 2020:  19.00 – 22.00
      Monday  23th November 2020:  10.00 – 18.00
      Tuesday   24th November 2020:  10.00 – 12.00
      Note: Please prepare your own packing material for the work(s). It is essential that all works are taken down off stands, packed and removed by 12.00 on Tuesday 24th November. Your co-operation is essential to the smooth running of this exhibition. Failure to comply with the schedule may result in your eligibility to exhibition being affected. 
    • Exhibitors curate his or her own booth space with his or her tools and materials. It is not permitted to apply double sided foam tapes, double sided tapes, and nails in the walls and floors of the exhibition. 
    • You must ensure that each submitted work is well protected with bubble wrap in cardboard boxes or wooden crates. (Any damages or accidents that happen are the responsibility of the exhibitor.)
    • The organizer, Young Art Kaohsiung, preserves the rights to request for adjustment of booth display or implementation of condition revision whenever necessary. 
Sale of Work(s)
  1. Exhibitors are obliged to provide all works exhibited with a brief description detailing: Title; Date; Dimensions; Medium/materials; Pricing; Artist Statement. 
  2. During the exhibition, the organizer will hire sales managers to help with the sale of artworks. Exhibitors are more than welcome to introduce his or her own works to visitors. The organizer will collect the payment of any sales of artworks occurring at the exhibition and invoice each purchaser. 
  3. The sale of any work(s) exhibited in the exhibition will be subject to a payment of 15 % handling fee to Young Art Kaohsiung. The exhibitors will receive the 85 % balance of the payment. The organizer will help the exhibitors with the tax issues. Please have the documents available for verification.
  4. Exhibitors are responsible for the shipping of sold works. Please confirm the delivery date with the organizer, sales managers, and purchasers on the exchange. 
  1. It is the responsibility of each and every exhibitor to arrange their own coverage for their participation at the exhibition.
  2. Policy Period: Exhibitors need insurance coverage during exhibition period shown on the contract. 
Please Note:
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to apply additional sanitary measures and put public health first, Young Art Kaohsiung reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the event without prior notice. If any change, please refer to our web site at 

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